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  • The Taste of Heaven: A private 90 minutes healing session

  • The Alignment: A package of three private healing sessions - 90 minutes each 

  • A Walk in the Garden of Eden: A package of 5 private healing sessions - 90 minutes each

  • The Awakening: A package of a 30 days sessions comprised of coaching and healing sessions. Crafted by design to fit and fulfil the heart desires

  • The Shift: A package of 60 days intensive immersion into the soul. New and auspicious outcomes are inevitable and Abundant 

  • The grass is greener on this side: A package of 90 days of healing no sessions and Spiritual coaching.Expect miracles and to live life from a higher level. There is no going back

  •  I Live in Wonderment!: A private retreat of three full days. It includes cutting edge theory and hands-on practical experience. Healing sessions will be part of the living in wonderment curriculum 

  • A Walk in the Clouds: Elevate, meditate and create...a private retreat of seven fill days. Theory, practice, fun and joy. Be prepared to be Amazed!!! Evolve in consciousness and find answers to questions within yourself 

  • Inspirational Speaking Engagements

Are you ready for a departure from the trite, formulaic and totally predictable keynote presentations served up at most business meetings? Would your audience appreciate true inspiration, life-changing affirmation, spiritual stimulation… all with a soupçon of magic?

Sandra Saradesi is a Holistic Practitioner with over 10 years of international experience. She is recognized as a Gifted Healer, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, and The Yoga of Illumination Instructor, in addition to holding the honoured title of Grand Master (2007) of the Miraculous Angelic Healing Modality of Belvaspata.

  • Retreats, Workshops and Conferences

Full spiritual consciousness is not easily achieved overnight. Although a brief presentation or an introductory session is a great start, we have learned from experience that the deeper the immersion, the more gratifying the outcome. So in addition to multi-session and multi-modality packages, Healing of the Heart coordinates, hosts and facilitates a variety of in-depth experiences.

  • The Miraculous Angelic Healing Modality of Belvaspata | Private Individual or Couple Sessions and Group Workshops


Belvaspata is a revolutionary sacred modality of effortless and permanent, fluid change. It promotes mental, emotional and physical healing based on light and frequencies conveyed into our physical body through angelic writings, called Sigils. Like virtual keys, the Sigils open and release distorted and discordant energy that accumulates in the body throughout time and experience.


There is a Belvaspata protocol for every situation or need, whether it is to ease and restore health to a diagnosed illness or simply for a challenging transition in your life. A vast array of Sigils exists to conquer issues like depression, sexual abuse, addictions, detoxing, among others, and to dissolve self-destructive patterns. The experience serves to assist you in your journey of self-discovery, self-love, and happiness and to push you into accessing your unlimited and vast potential.


Our sessions are interspersed with creative techniques that stimulate the right brain to enhance its connection with the left brain. This synergy helps recapitulate experiences and emotions that have yet to be consciously processed, causing an intense internal dialogue. The non-cognitive right brain is able to integrate information at a more intuitive level, delivering a deeper silence of the mind.


Healing of the Heart addresses each unique situation with specifically chosen Sigils. Private individual sessions, couples’ healing, group circles and long-distance sessions are all equally extraordinary effective.


Benefits of Belvaspata:

  • Restores emotional health: Clears depression, anxiety, & stress

  • Successfully helps with neurological conditions

  • Helps silence the mind

  • Increases levels of awareness enhancing perception

  • Supports mental clarity & assertiveness

  • Facilitates the flow of pure emotions

  • Establishes alignment of mind and heart

  • Promotes balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies


The heart will only open once the mind is silenced!

  • Belvaspata Angelic Healing for Pregnant Women


Nine months of pregnancy bring progressive discomfort, stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. This healing modality will assist you during the pregnancy, through delivery and post partum. Our real experiences have shown just how much stress can be easily alleviated, right from the very first session. The Angels are particularly fond of newborns with their miraculous ability to release physical and emotional blockages after as little as five minutes!


Our services further embrace the family as new parents and siblings adapt to the new dynamic to offer emotional support, alleviate stress and bring harmony.


  • Meridian Massage and Acupressure technique with Egyptian Healing Oils


Emotional trauma blocked in the main meridians – the gateways to the 12 main body organs – inhibits the development of healthy emotions within healthy bodies.


Our therapeutic massage technique uses acupressure applied to each of the meridians along with a specific Egyptian flower oil to target and release blockages from the vital organs.


A private session will encourage a general rise in consciousness, a liberating effect that will be felt immediately in most cases. With this awareness you will begin to identify the 48 negative emotional and mental patterns that may have caused you pain and suffering in the past. Unblocking your meridians will create a shift to ultimately release the hold of embedded destructive patterns.


This purifying, rejuvenating meridian massage will infuse health and vitality into your body.


  • Head Meridian Massage with Egyptian Rose Oil


This specific head massage targets the release of traumatic and genetic memories as well as birth trauma. The acupressure technique on the 13 meridian points of the head accompanied by rose oil is the perfect formula to enhance deeper states of sleeping and peace of mind.enabling traumas to be released such as: panic attacks, anxiety and genetic memories which are those memories that come through the DNA and they have an impact in your daily life reflecting characteristics or personality traits that are not your own. Example a fear of abandonment even when you have never experienced that but your mother did and it could feel as if is part of you.


Liberate and elevate yourself by receiving the treat of this one-of-a-kind therapeutic massage.


  • The Sacred Breath of Arasatma Private Individual Sessions and Group Workshops


A session of this ancient breathing and healing technique combines theory and practice to help you release anxiety, tension and worries about the future. Participants derive a sense of inner peace as cellular oxygen is replenished, clearing the Pranic Tube and Spine. The technique will assist you in regaining balance and silence of mind to promote restful, soulful sleep.


There are seven breaths to be practiced, each directed into a different part of the body, in combination with strategic eye movements. The technique also includes meditation, colours, visualizations, and emotional release. With each breath and posture there is corresponding music that enhances the capacity to access the psyche for profound release.

This breathing technique was used by ancient mystics to activate the unused portion of the pranic tube (etheric and runs parallel to the spinal cord) for fuller self-expression and inner peace. By clearing the pranic tube, you not only eliminate Karma: You become a grounding rod for the earth as you activate your magnetic pole. The restoration of the subtle, etheric functions of the body and senses allows the practitioner to access other dimensions and prolongs an eternal life of graceful unfolding.


Benefits of The Sacred Breath:

  • Dissolves patterns of anxiety, worry and panic attacks

  • Supports the mystic union of body, soul and spirit, prolonging life

  • Promotes the silencing of the mind and healthy sleep

  • Facilitates deep, effortless breathing, bringing oxygen to all of our nerve ends for vitality

  • Balances the right and left brain by stabilizing their electric and magnetic components


  • The Yoga of Illumination Series -- Devi Satva Yoga Private Individual Sessions, Group Classes and Workshops


Four bodies of information comprise The Yoga of Illumination:

  • Irash Satva – the Yoga of Abundance

  • Shirhat Satva – the Yoga to Clear Past Incarnations

  • Saradesi Satva – the Yoga of Eternal Youth

  • Aranash Suba – the Yoga of Enlightenment


The Devi Satva Yoga originates from Almine and is presented exclusively by Sandra Saradesi to restore the harmonious frequencies in humanity. By learning and practising these yogas, we enhance the flow of energy and body functions to promote effortless knowing, silencing the chatter of our minds from internal dialogue. Open your heart, invigorate your body and elevate your consciousness!


This Yoga series is unique in that each posture is accompanied by a sound elixir: a specific type of music created to assist the body with the release of distorted frequencies that can manifest into irregularities or disease. The practice of these Yoga regularly facilitates the flow of energy in your body strengthening your life force creating a more abundant, healthier and happier life!

Irash Satva Yoga – the Yoga of Abundance
This yoga opens up the 144 cardinal gates in the mind and body, cleansing their debris and clearing blockages at the DNA level. This allows the practitioner to easily tap into the natural abundance of the One Life. It also promotes the release of vaccination, nano technology and other discordant energies held in the body. The musical elixir that accompanies each posture enhances its benefits.

Shrihat Satva Yoga – the Yoga to Clear Past Incarnations
This Yoga facilitates removal of debris from prior incarnations held in the physical form and the fields around the body. It is unique in that it uses the powerful combination of meditation and the Poetry of Dreaming. The postures use pressure points of the body as well as a musical elixir to enhance the release of blockages – a very potent combination.

Saradesi Satva Yoga – the Yoga of Eternal Youth
The ancient texts speak of time as movement. They affirm that time and space, movement and stillness, are illusions. To sustain any illusion requires an enormous amount of resources; this depletion of resources causes aging and decay. In this very potent yet easy form of yoga, the illusion of polarity is brought to resolution by balancing the opposite poles exactly. Musical elixirs are a key component.


Aranash Suba Yoga – the Yoga of Enlightenment
This Yoga works at a deep core level to assist with releasing trauma, specifically through the effects that the postures, meditations and stretches have on the psoas muscle. This yoga turns its back on the illusions of the matrices and embraces the contradiction of an existence of no opposites. The overall benefit is to release the hold of illusion and strengthen the Eternal Song of the Infinite within. Exit the matrix and be free from social conditioning!

Benefits of Devi Satva Yoga:

  • Enhances focus and attention, improving ADD and other behavioural disorders in children and adults

  • Helps to balance, connect and co-ordinate the left and right brain

  • Disciplines the tyranny of the body

  • Promotes a strong immune system

  • Assists in opening the 144 meridian points of the body

  • Facilitates the removal of toxins and calcifications that originate from social conditioning/belief systems

  • Stimulates the blood, lymphatic flow and liver function

  • Cleanses the body from vaccines and hostile waveforms

  • Facilitates the dissolving of time, space and birth trauma

  • Stimulates the regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells

  • Facilitates the dissolving of linear time (stress) and birth trauma

  • Promotes higher states of consciousness for a much happier life


  • Meditation and Healing Circles


Join the Healing of the Heat Grand Master in a comfortable, synergistic group session to experience the benefits of meditation and the healing power of the Belvaspata Angels. First-time explorers and seasoned individuals alike find life-changing inspiration in one of these sessions that will quiet your mind and calm your emotions.


  • Spiritual Life Counselling and Coaching


Healing of the Heart offers a depth of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment to assist you in moving forward in all areas of your life. Through the use of the powerful 144 Qi Vesta cards, a sacred tool for manifestation, your perception of a specific situation or event will shift regardless of how insurmountable it may seem.


The Hakulit method accesses deep levels of the psyche to discover the root of any belief system that may be impeding achievement of your heart’s desires. You will walk away with your very own sacred tool: a wheel with your personal Sigils representing the situation you would like to overcome.


  • Home Blessings | Personal Service and Workshops


Satchevispata is a method of healing, purifying and safeguarding the sanctity of your home and property. It is a sacred ceremony that works with all four elements, crystals, angel invocation, and meditation, as well as a self-purification process, to release negative energies, intent, entities, feelings, and thoughts.


Our one-of-a-kind workshop is designed for Holistic Practitioners and Therapists interested in adding this technique to their service offerings. It will also be of interest to any individual wanting to learn the Art of Blessing for their own private space or the homes of loved ones.


Learn the intricacies of this art with in-depth instruction, hands-on involvement and receipt of the necessary tools for blessing a private space.

  • Private in person healing sessions

  • Private on the phone or Skype sessions

  • Sessions for Couples, Mother and Daughter or Two Friends 

       Length: 1.5 hours and 2 hours



The sessions usually have three components:

1. Spiritual Coaching

2. Egyptian Oils - Luxor, Egypt

3. Angelic Healing: Bel-Vas-Pata


1) Spiritual Coaching

To begin the session we will address the root of the issue in question (mental, emotional and/or physical) as well as the desired outcome.  We will enter in a dialogue that promotes well-being, inner peace and clarity of intention to direct the next step on your journey.  

The coaching that Sandra provides could include breathing techniques to calm the hyper-activity of the mind, poetry to balance the left and right brain hemispheres and The Sacred Runes for guidance depending on each individual needs.


2) The Egyptian Oils

The Egyptian Oils accompanied with acupressure technique directly applied on each one of the main 12 Meridians of the Body in order to assist the release of emotional blockages that could potentially cause disease and in some cases terminal illness in the body.

An unhealthy emotional body calls for sickness or distortion from our true essence; Each one of the 12 main meridians could be hosting as many as four negative emotions totalling 48 negative emotions.  This part of the session will bring "new" awareness into your daily life as much as practical tools to address and interrupt patterns of anxiety, depression, lack of sleep...etc...

The oils have an exquisite floral scent like no other and could be if desired your personal fragrance/perfume while actively releasing its healing properties. For this protocol we will be working with 12 different flower scents.


3) Angelic Healing, Bel-Vas-Pata

Belvaspata in the angelic languages means "Healing of the Heart". It is a revolutionary sacred modality of effortless and permanent, fluid change supported by the Angels. It
promotes mental, emotional and physical healing based on light and frequencies conveyed into our physical body through angelic writing, called Sigils. These Sigils hold particles of awareness that translate into graceful and permanent change. Virtually like keys, the Sigils open and release distorted and discordant energy that  has accumulated in the body through lifetimes. 
There is a Bel-Vas-Pata protocol for every situation or need, whether it is to ease and restore
health to a diagnosed illness or to assist you with a challenging transition in your life such as: the loss of a love one, divorce, career change...or to cope with new experiences such as having a new addition to the family.


You will feel the real you emerging in glory just after the very first session! 

Be prepared to be Ah-Mazed!!


How many sessions do I need?

The answer is: How far would you like to go in your journey? It could be that after 4 sessions you are satisfied with your results or could also be that you need some holding hand for a long while. Every case is unique and will be treated as such for the highest good of all.










  • WEEKEND WORKSHOPS Available regularly and detailed information will be updated here


  • RETREATS (Available to travel to Europe and South America...)

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