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  • Inspired Clients

    • Whole Foods Market - Ontario, Canada

    • Happy Planet - Ontario, Canada

    • Nature's Emporium - Ontario, Canada

    • Blueboho Jewelry - Ontario, Canada

    • Raptors team players - Ontario, Canada

    • Rotherglen Montessori School, Mississauga


  • Sample Events

    • Blue Spirit Costa Rica

    • Eastover- Lennox, Massachusetts

    • Aterra, Alentejo, Portugal

    • Casa Shanti, Mafra, Portugal

    • Quiron Astrology Centre, Lisbon, Portugal

    • New York Open Center (New York)

    • Meta Center, New York

    • Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga (New York)

    • Club VII - Lisbon, Portugal

  • Testimonials

-- I’m still not very well acquainted with the details of Sandra’s work, but I certainly am with the results of it...

I have tried to explain to a couple of people, and not being a person with any communication skills issues, I struggled to put it into words what only one’s soul and heart can feel. 

Some people call it energy, others magic, Sandra mentions the angels... I haven’t put a name to it. To me Sandra is Sandra, someone who is here to always aid with all her strength and power. 

Our relationship might have started on what could be seen as a shallow scenario, a fashion week event, which then developed into my interest in her glorious Egyptian oils when she once visited me impromptu at one moment that I needed the most. The rest is history and a case of extreme success until today. 

She’s there, here and everywhere to heal your heart. 

We are Taurus fellows so it’s easy to read each other, adding intuition to the equation I find in Sandra a safe place and above all an incredible capacity to elevate (or ground) your heart and soul. 

When Sandra moved away from Portugal I felt that I was going to miss out on a good friend and healer this is when she and her assets surprise you again: our phone healing sessions are incredibly powerful. A specific example, I suffer from severe insomnia, give me 5 Xanax and I’m still awake... I never get to an end of one our sessions without falling asleep. 

Pascal said that heart has it’s reasons of which reason knows nothing, well... Sandra does. 

David Motta, Lisbon, Portugal

-- Sandra, every time I hear your voice live or thru email I feel your freedom/love in every cell of my soul. WOW you are a living love angel...

Laurie S, Manhattan, New York

-- Dear Healing of the Heart: Thank you for the moving time spent with you and for the unending gifts of love and care and joy and abundance that I have truly experienced with you and the work group. I really believe it was inspiring and uniquely timed for me to meet you and the very special group of people I had the pleasure of meditating and journeying with. I feel so calm and enjoying immense wonder and peace.

Natasha A, South Africa

-- Hi Sandra! I must say that the last session was incredible; the stomach area really opened up and the effects are truly for me magic. This is just such a blessing; it will now be much easier for me to get all my pieces back and open the heart. That's the next thing to do…

Martin F, Sweden

-- Dear Sandra! I can't stop smiling at everything and the gratitude is rippling thru my body. Bless you forever dear sister you are truly a goddess in the flesh. The session was the most wonderful thing I ever experienced, it was unbelievable. Thank you eternally for everything you do, I'm so grateful.

Martin F, Sweden

-- Dear Sandra, Thank you for the initiation. I am so grateful and I feel so fortunate to know you. I wish you good luck in your new journey. Love,

Maha T, Saudi Arabia

-- Hi Sandra, I just wanted to tell you how "path-changing" our talk and healing work was yesterday. The transformation I feel starting to take place is immense and so grounding.You are so incredible... It's astonishing how quickly change can happen. Thank you for these gifts and healing.

A.M, Toronto


-- Hi, I just want to let you know that yesterday’s class was an amazing experience for me. The experience of the meditation was more than I imagined it could be. At some point I felt as though I was floating – not free of my body, but I did not feel the weight of my feet and legs or in fact, maybe the weight of the whole of my body, just an incredible lightness. It truly felt like floating in air. This whole concept of what you teach is new to me; however, I would like to set up some Healing Sessions with you when you are able. Thank you once again.

Heather K, Toronto


-- Hello Sandra, The last class was wonderful and I felt a shift happening. I would like to speak with you one on one as I seem to have an understanding and trust in the direction I should go, but also realize there is a lot of emotional stuff I need to release. I look forward to connecting in the New Year. I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year filled with love, light and bountiful blessings. Thank you for the beautiful work that you do. Blessings,

Maida, Richmond Hill

-- My work with Sandra was luminous. Being in her presence is pure joy because she lives in the present moment and her enthusiasm is contagious. She lives above the battlefield of duality and the fear based thought system we've all been taught so it’s incredibly healing to work with her. She helped me transform my negativity and I released an old pattern that inspired me to have a new contract with the universe to start recieving the love I had previously blocked. Sandra’s intuitive with an unconditional loving heart which is great medicine for feeling empowered. Her Yoga work is  spiritual medicine for the soul which is why I call her the Angel Whisperer. 

Thank you dear Sandra. 

She also did an apartment cleansing that changed the energy of where I live. She has a unique process unlike anything I’d ever seen blessing even my hall outside the apt and around the bldg where I live. Friends often comment how they love my apt and I know it’s because of the clearing we did and the many beautiful prayers Sandra used to bless my living space. 

Laurie S., New York, New York

-- Sandra is a gifted healer and a powerful force. Over the years she has assisted me in releasing old stuck energies, beliefs, dysfunctional patterns and opened new pathways for my highest good. During these intense passages shifting to embracing the new, Sandra has complimented, assisted and made the journey more hopeful and easier. 

Gail H., Toronto, Canada

-- When I met Sandra, she was such a bright light. Her warmth and positive energy felt so soothing and I greatly appreciated her care and concern for me. Sandra helped restore my personal strength and helped ground me.  Over time, we worked on different aspects of my being, emotional, physical and spiritual, and I am now better able to participate fully in my life.

Christine T., Halifax, Canada

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