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To go deeper into restoring ageless beauty and regeneration to all places where density has accumulated, you are invited to join the Fountain of Plenitude activation programs, that use the Rose Quartz facial and body tools blessed by the Seer Almine.

Here are links to explore a deep dive into the theme of Regeneration that is central to becoming your own source of sustenance, co-creator of your reality, and Fountain of Blessings for all life.

Fountain of Plenitude Phase 1 ~ Clearing the 24 Layers of Distortion from Face and Meridians / Opening the Gates of Limitlessness in the Body

Fountain of Plenitude Phase 2 – Clearing Trauma from the Body and restoring Fluidity and Innocence, Clearing Unworthiness and Claiming the Divine Heritage, Creating new Etheric Templates of our Perfection in Body and Countenance (Face)

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Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 14.37.37.png
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Screenshot 2020-09-29 at 20.45.14.png
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Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 13.48.50.png

The Fountain of Plenitude Protocol

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